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Focus Dursley

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Our Solution

Our client was embarking on a new project to open an innovative and welcoming, creative co-working space in Dursley for local businesses and entrepreneurs to use.

This was an exciting project to work on as the recently designed and refitted interior had been done to a very high spec using exposed brick and glass, bringing the beautiful countryside of Dursley inside, amongst a contemporary office space.

Randalls brief was to provide quality bespoke furniture, including statement pieces, for each of the planned zone areas which would complement the existing interior and enhance the brand of Focus Dursley as a modern and forward-thinking offering.  These zones needed to be identified as separate areas whilst being part of the overall open-plan workspace both physically and in the style and design.

One of the first areas we furnished were the hot desking spaces.  We provided sit/stand desks and static desks in different locations complete with acoustic desk dividers, individual power modules and adjustable and ergonomic office chairs, with supporting locker storage with planters a top.

For the ultra-modern glass domed meeting rooms, meeting tables were chosen which matched the curve of the rooms.  The seating in each of the rooms was purposely different to create a different vibe and use for each of the meeting rooms, from modern boardroom chairs to stools to use with the poseur height table.  These spaces were finished off with built-in power modules on the tables and sound absorbing hexagon wall panels to provide ambient acoustics.

We provided stackable and linkable conference chairs with writing tablets (and trolley) for the conference/presentation zone which also doubled up as a breakout area. We proposed a flexible design for this area whereby the soft booth seating could be positioned in an L-shape against the windows, whilst all of the conference chairs are being used, then when not in use, the conference chairs can be stacked and stored out of site and the soft seating and coffee tables can be re-positioned in the conference space to create separate cubicles for informal meetings.

Bespoke designed modular shelving units were utilised in the space both to house a television in a breakout area with a mix of acoustic panels and shelving and used in another part of the building as a room divider to separate 2 of the zones.

Acoustic meeting booths, statement lounge chairs and upholstered sofas were placed throughout the building to offer comfortable informal meeting areas and niche workspaces.  

All of the available space has been furnished perfectly without overcrowding.

Furniture finishes and fabric colours were chosen by the client to perfectly complement the interior walls and flooring.  Subtle earth tones were chosen for the natural fabrics used on the soft seating and acoustics, alongside shades of stone and wood for the MFC hard furniture and real wood veneers for the statement chairs.

A hexagon shape was used for the acoustic panels in all the meeting rooms, highlighting the design scheme used on the tiles in the kitchen area.

We share our client’s happiness with the overall completed space.  The furniture enhances what was already a stunning interior and delivers on their aim to provide an ultra-modern co-working space on the edge of the Cotswolds.

If you have a business in or around Gloucestershire, then we highly recommend a visit to Focus. It is certainly an inspiring workspace, backed up with an innovative and supportive team – visit

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