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Open plan office layouts are the cornerstone of the modern workplace. Embraced by many businesses today, open plan work spaces stimulate productivity, encourage collaboration and generate a positive office atmosphere

One of the draw backs of the open plan office layout is privacy can be compromised and quiet meeting spaces can be hard to come by if not considered in the office plan.

Acoustic office furniture solutions such as panels or pods are the perfect solution to this issue, providing a soundproof, space-efficient way to give your staff a quiet space in which to meet or work.

At Randalls we pride ourselves on sourcing the best brands and furniture products. We highly recommend Moventi soundproof office furniture for its sturdiness, durability and reliability, as well as its versatility. We have a wide range of products and solutions to work within your budget and to the specific requirements of your project, ensuring we'll always find the best solution for our clients.

To ensure you know exactly what to expect, we use 2D CAD drawings or 3D rendered images to show you how your office will look once our work is done.

We can help you find the right option for your acoustic space, which may include:

  • Pods – ideal for solo use or for one-to-one meetings, like a private office
  • Booths – for a relaxed space to get away from the hectic noise of the main office
  • Panels – easy to erect and dismantle, to segment part of an office off for team meetings
  • Sofas – with soundproof sides for extra privacy, great for making calls in comfort
  • Made-to-measure screens – can be created in any dimensions, to create privacy without losing the open plan vibe.

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