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Lockers are as varied as chairs – used in a huge spectrum of circumstances and with a wide range of options to match.

Whether it’s for a school, an office, a sport centre or a medical establishment, we provide single cubes, pod lockers for small spaces and outdoor lockers in a range of sizes. We can provide bespoke office solutions to suit your branding and budget.

All steel lockers are available with antibacterial coating for resistance to germs and superbugs like MRSA.

We can also supply replacement keys and numbers. And for sports facilities, we can provide changing room benches as well.

Factors to consider are:

  • Material and finish – plastic or steel, colours or type of wood effect
  • Size – we can supply big lockers for golf bags, down to small ones for a pair of shoes and a kit bag
  • Charging or media – will your users want to juice up their phones or IT equipment during storage?
  • Compartments – from small spaces for offices up to large ones for uniforms, arranged in a variety of formations to maximise use of space
  • Inside or outdoors – do they need to resist water, rust, vandalism?

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