Cradle-to-cradle thinking at Randalls Office Furniture

Sustainability is the heart of our business and the forefront of our service.

We can’t abide the modern throwaway culture and we fully recognise the damage such attitudes are doing to the environment. So how can we play our part?

Firstly, by sourcing quality products which will last as long as your business. We fully expect our furniture to stand the test of time.

We also source our supply locally where possible, using manufacturers from the South West – a region which is a champion of all things eco-friendly.

So we’re able to source the most ethically produced furniture possible, if that’s what you’re looking for. And of course the minimised transport requirement cuts down on the carbon footprint of our services, too.

We also provide a recycling service, so that you know the furniture which you’re replacing isn’t going to go straight to landfill. We will either work with local organisations which find a new home for your old furniture, to make sure its life is sustained. Or if that’s not possible we’ll make sure that the parts of your old tables, chairs and the rest are recycled and made into something new.

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