An article by the Huffington Post UK revealed that on average workers in the UK spend the equivalent of 5 years of their life sat at their desk, a shocking statistic really.

We are already well aware that sitting for long periods of time actually has negative effects on your body and overall health. This is why it is so important that you choose the correct office furniture for your employees. In particular the seating; orthopaedic chairs will provide optimum support for those who work from a desk the majority of the day.

But furnishing your office isn’t just about the furniture, you need to think about the environment as a whole. We are not suggesting you go as far as getting a feng shui consultant in but bear in mind that Research reveals that if your employees are placed in an environment in which they have physical and emotional desires to work then their overall performance will improve.

So let’s liven things up a bit! To inspire you we have come up with 5 ways in which you can improve a boring office environment.

Bring the Outside In

Research has revealed that bringing plants into the office can actually increase staff productivity by 15%. This isn’t just due to the fact that plants look nice but they also improve the quality of the air because they absorb pollutants, dusts and bugs.

That being said there is an argument towards having fake plants in the office as well. After all, for those who suffer from hay fever, having an office full of flowers won’t increase their productivity in the slightest. So the addition of some fake plants to your normal or even height adjustable desk will not only stop any reactions to pollen but you can’t deny they are a cheerful addition to your desk.

Touches of Colour

Obviously you don’t want to blind all your employees with bright paint, wallpaper, fixtures and furniture all over the place, but there is nothing worse than being stuck in a bland office environment all day with only 4 white walls and florescent strip lighting.

When it comes to adding colour to your office you can start painting the walls, but there are other great and less bold options to consider as well. How about adding some soft furnishings and bold art work. Whether they are some soft cushions or canvas art work, little pops of colour around the office will really liven the place up a bit. You could even get some branded items made to give a unique effect.

Brighten Up The Place

When it comes to working in an office please don’t lock yourself away in a dark space staring at your computer screen. Not only is that unhealthy, it is also incredibly dull!

If you want one simple way to improve your boring office space, then all you need to do is let some natural light in! And there is nothing better than also being able to look out to a bright blue sky to improve your mood (unless you wished you were out in it of course).

Offices Don’t Have to be Dull

Who says the office has to be a dull place, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you looked forward to actually going into work. This obviously will be effected by a number of factors but if you can improve the office environment then you are sure to create a fun space that your employees want to work in.

Yes the office is a place to work and you don’t want your employees messing around all day, but what is a good idea is to encourage employees to make the most of their lunch breaks to have fun and even do things after work if people want to.

We have a couple of ideas to inject a little fun into your office:

  • Television – you can purchase a TV for your break area for people to use at lunch and even start a little DVD collection
  • Invest in games – whether it is a board game or even a ping pong table for people to enjoy during their break. Table football in the canteen is a popular choice especially if the work force are young.
  • Celebrate successes – throw a mini office party to celebrate any achievements, this will make everyone feel even more appreciated too.
  • End of week party – no reason why you can’t enjoy a few drinks and a good chat at the end of a hard week.

If you make the office a place people associate with fun then you are sure to get rid of that boring office environment quickly.

Say No to Silence

Now this idea may be a bit controversial because everyone is different some people like having a bit of background noise, whereas others like to work in silence to concentrate.

But when it comes to improving a boring office environment then there isn’t much worse than being stuck in complete silence all day. As long as you invest in the right license, then there is no harm in buying a radio for the office to relieve a bit of that silence. We’re not suggesting you start a full on party and blast music as loud as possible, but a few tunes in the background can lift the spirits of your workers.

Need Some Furniture To Improve Your Boring Office Environment?                    

Now you have some great tips on how to improve your boring office environment, your employees will no longer be sitting there with bored, glazed looks on their faces. You will have created an environment that they want to be in and a happy office environment equals happy productive workers.

If you need some new furniture for your revived office environment then why not give our team a call today on 0117 3600 123 to find out how we can help with your office furniture needs.