Height Adjustable Desks

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Height Adjustable Desks – Versatility in the Office 

The height adjustable desk/workstation is an ideal solution to many office and educational environments.

When do you think height adjustable desks can come in handy? Well would you prefer to work sitting down, standing up or a bit both? This is one of the first reasons these desks are great because they really come into their prime when they can provide the user with the option to sit or stand, whatever suits their preferences and they have the flexibility to change throughout the day so that workers can both stand or sit.

As well as the flexibility of sitting and standing, they are also ideal for hot-desking as the table top will be able to be adjusted to meet multiple users with different height requirements.

It is not just the workplace where height adjustable desks come in use. Educational centres where there are different aged children and therefore sized children who require different desktop heights and ideal for wheelchair users.

As well as the benefit to students, teachers can also benefit from the flexibility when they need to work sat at their desk or alternatively teach standing up with the option to adjust the desks to a standing height and tilt the table top allowing for increased ease of reading notes.


          Standard Features       

          Available in a range of different sized desktops

          Manual or electrical height adjustment

          A range of matching accessories are available






Desktop Combinations

Tilting desktop

Corner desktop

L-shaped desktop

Meeting table

1, 2 and 3 person sized desks in a variety of different shapes

Colour/Finish Options:-

Our Height Adjustable Desks come in the following range of table top finishes:-


Health and Well Being Benefits to Using Height Adjustable Desks

Due to the ergonomic benefits of height adjustable desks that allow people to switch between sitting and standing this actually leads to a number of health and work benefits which include:

  • Improved blood circulation as blood pools more in the legs and feet whilst sitting
  • Relief from back and neck pain due to long periods of sitting
  • Flexibility to adjust working position to suit different tasks
  • Increased productivity due to better comfort and health

With health and productivity benefits in mind, height adjustable desks are only one of the factors that can improve these. Orthopaedic Chairs can also provide similar benefits and work well in conjunction with height adjustable desks.