7 Unique and Unusual Office Chair Backrests

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Who says that an office chair has to look like this?

If you had a quick browse around your office right now, these are the sort of office chairs that you probably have, just like thousands of other companies all around the world. But there is no reason why you can’t use a bit of imagination when it comes to office chair design right?

For our latest blog post we have delved even deeper into the world of office chairs and found some with the most unique and wackiest backrests, which would you prefer?

Bit of Tongue & Cheek

You have to admit that it is impossible not to laugh or even smile at this chair. Can you imagine spending your day working away on a chair shaped like a tongue?! Although it’s fun and a bold statement it doesn’t really look that comfortable or supportive.

High Five!

This chair brings a whole new meaning to ‘in the palm of your hand’. Decadent, velvety fabric gives this chair a very regal look and looks like it could be an office chair for a fashion designer.

The Award for Scariest Office Chair of the Year Goes to…

Not much else to say about this one other than it is sure to scare just about anyone out of a job as soon as they sit on it, the only exception probably being Dracula but he wouldn’t be the ideal colleague.

Or Does the Award Go to This One?

Hold the phone! If you don’t like snakes then we may have found a chair which tops the previous one as scariest chair of the year. Inspired by nature this Cobra shaped chair is truly unique and I can safely say I wouldn’t want to sit in it!

Truly Unique

Well we set out to find some unique office chairs and if this was yours then it would be 100% one of a kind. Sculpted from Maple this chair is pretty impressive, let’s just hope it has been sanded down well – wouldn’t want any splinters!

The Moulin Rouge of Office Chairs

Sexy isn’t usually a word you would associate with office chairs, but if it was, this chair would probably come close. Shaped like a corset with bow style detail; this office chair perfect for the office diva.

Perfectly Sculpted

Needless to say you would fit very snuggly into one of these chairs, although we definitely wouldn’t recommend coming into the office in the buff. I wonder if they come in multiple sizes!

In All Seriousness Now

Yes these chairs are truly fabulous and amazingly wacky but when it comes down to it they probably aren’t the most practical office chairs, especially when it comes to back support.

Here at Randalls Office Furniture one of our passions is to provide the best quality and most suitable office furniture for your needs; this includes a range of Orthopaedic Chairs. If you want to be unique when fitting out your office then there is a wide range of innovative office chair designs on the market that will suit your needs and will certainly create a fun working environment, whilst also protecting your employees backs.

Orthopaedic chairs have a wide range of benefits for your company including improved employee health, increased work efficiency and much more, all of which are detailed here. So with this in mind which office chair avenue are you going to choose?

If you want to find out more about our Orthopaedic Chairs or any of our other range of office chairs then do not hesitate to contact the team today on 0117 3600 123.

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This post was written by Tony Randall

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