Office Space Planning

Using our expert office planning knowledge…

We can help you to plan every inch of your available space in your office or commercial building. We will help you to not only adhere to the legal requirements for office workers but also to ensure a productive and pleasant working environment for your staff with good use of quality furniture and a properly planned layout.

“What’s the best way to fit everyone in the space we have?’”

“How many people can you legally fit into a given space?’”

These are just a few questions customers often ask us.

Leave this to us.  We have a sound knowledge of work environments and the legalities involved in ensuring the most suitable furniture arrangements for you and your colleagues.

Office Space Plans

After we’ve measured your workspace our CAD Experts will create a 2D space plan for you, for free.  This will enable us to fit your chosen furniture into your work environment in the most efficient and safe way.  The space plan will allow you, the customer, to view what the finished workspace will look like.

These digital space plans also enable Randall Office Furniture to visit and refit your office at a moments notice in the future, as your business expands and changes.

3D Office Space Plans

We are also able to produce detailed 3D space plans, incorporating all your corporate colours and interior decoration.  These are available at additional cost.

Detailed space plan for office, image of space plan drawing and of photo representation

2D Space Plan

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