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Here at Randalls Office Furniture we are passionate about supporting our local community, so as we approach our 25th Birthday we thought we would tell you a bit more about what we do as a business to keep things local.

The Bristol Pound

The Bristol  Pound is the UK’s first city wide currency which as a Bristol resident you can use on your mobile, in store and online to purchase goods from participating businesses across Bristol, which of course includes us!

As a member of the Bristol Pound we can support other Bristol businesses and members by providing them with exclusive special offers and much more.

Supporting Local Manufacturers

As office furniture suppliers we could source anything from our height adjustable desks, orthopaedic chairs to our teacher walls from pretty much anywhere in the UK, or even across the globe. But as a small business we appreciate support from other local businesses so why wouldn’t we want to do the same.

We have chosen to use a furniture manufacturer based in Newport to source a number of our products and will continue to support their business and other manufacturers like them for years to come.

As a result of using local manufacturers we also benefit our local community and the UK as a whole by reducing our carbo footprint. Bristol is proud to be the European Green Capital 2015 and we wouldn’t be helping to support that if we imported office furniture from overseas, especially when we have high quality manufacturers on our doorstep.

Our commitment to supporting local manufacturers and the understanding of the importance of keeping things local also results in better service as we are able to develop good relationships with the manufacturers.

Supporting What’s Right

What’s Right are a charity that raises money for good causes by donating a proportion of any business generate as a result of membership to a chosen good cause. To stick with the idea of keeping things local, What’s Right have a similar ethos and use the money raised to support worthy causes in Bristol including:

  • Jessie May Trust
  • The Rainbow Centre
  • St Peters Hospice
  • Southmead Project
  • CCS Adoption
  • Young Enterprise

The team at Randalls are a proud trusted partner of What’s Right and have over the years have been proud to support many charities based in the Bristol area.

Supporting Local Suppliers

As a business owner I know that I can’t do everything myself, yes there probably isn’t much I don’t know when it comes to office furniture, but talk to me about marketing or administration then I may struggle beyond the basics. So as my business has continued to grow I understood that I can either employ marketing and administration roles in-house or outsource.

Just as I have chosen to support local furniture manufacturers, the same goes when I came to choose a number of my business suppliers. Similarly to working with local manufacturers, choosing local suppliers means that not only are we continuing to support the Bristol community but we have the ability to work more closely to local suppliers who as a result provide us with a high quality service and build high levels of trust.

Proud To Keep Things Local

As you will already recognise we are extremely proud to keep things local and will continue to do so for years to come. We hope that you also choose to keep things local as it is easy to underestimate just how much supporting your local community can really benefit people as well as a number of other reasons why keeping things local is a route many businesses should choose, including:

  1. Keeps money in the local community
  2. Supporting local businesses helps generate and keep local jobs
  3. Supports smaller local businesses over large, international or multi-national competitors

Obviously these are just three amongst many reasons why businesses should be keeping things local, and we are sure that you will find that your business will find a number of other reasons too.

If you are located in our around Bristol and are interested in keeping things local when it comes to purchasing new office furniture why not call our team today on 0117 3600 123 to find out how we can help with your office furniture requirements.

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