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How do you motivate your team?

Whether you manage one person, a small group, or a large company, motivation is a key aspect of successful management and leadership that you will continuously think about and implement.

With 2015 drawing to a close, you are probably already thinking ahead to what 2016 can bring to your team, what goals you will want, and achievements you want to reach during the year.

To help you with this we have been thinking about the importance of team motivation and how team building can be an excellent way to do this and increase productivity in the workplace.

Team Motivation

There are hundreds of motivation, management and leadership books on the market and even more articles across the web which discuss an array of techniques on how to motivate your team. The options are almost endless and it is clear that what works for one team won’t necessarily work for another.

From experience of what works when motivating my team and doing some additional research there are a few techniques that are recommended:

  • Ensure your staff feel appreciated – this one is rather self-explanatory, if your team feels like you appreciate them, and the work they do for you, then of course they will be motivated to continue to achieve these results
  • Share the organisation vision and values – if your employees understand what the values of the business are and what is envisaged for the future then as a result they commit to achieving these results as well. By incorporating staff into future goals and understanding what your company stands for they feel like an integral part of the team
  • Communicate with your staff – don’t just expect your team to communicate with you, you need to communicate with them. How will you motivate your staff if you never talk to them, get ideas and provide them with a reason to work hard and achieve results
  • Provide opportunities to grow and progress – this is a key motivational factor, especially amongst younger members of staff that are particularly concerned with progression. If someone knows what their predicted path is and how they can develop they are more likely to work to achieve this.
  • Avoid boredom – this is an obvious factor, boredom decreases motivation. People are likely to be bored if they don’t enjoy their job or the task they working on. As a result they won’t be motivated. Avoid this by creating ways to decrease boredom in the office but remember don’t create too many distractions at the same time.
  • Create and maintain a team spirit – in essence a team at work can become like another family or friendship group as you spend so much time with them. Sometimes tensions or disagreements can arise which can cause a decrease in team morale and in essence effect motivation. One great way to maintain team spirit is to organise activities both during and after work, one of which is team building.

Benefits of Team Building

Improves morale and leadership – as already mentioned maintaining team spirit is a great way to improve motivation and team building is an excellent way to achieve this. As well as work on leadership skills for both current and future leaders.

Improves processes and procedures – team building is also an excellent way to improve processes and procedures which can be applied to the work environment. By ensuring that things like this are in place work management and flow becomes a lot easier which will also improve motivation

Identifies strengths and weaknesses of team members – and as a result of this you can reduce boredom by understanding what individuals are good at, which will allow you to assign tasks to people with certain strengths who will more likely enjoy them.

Improves problem solving ability – productivity can be reduced if your team encounter a problem. Team building is an excellent way for teams to work together and develop their problem solving skills

If you haven’t considered team building days before then maybe the New Year is the time to start considering them, as they can benefit your business in a number of ways. But what team building activity should you actually do?

Great Ideas for Team Building

To help you think of some ideas of what you can do for team building in the New Year we have found some great examples.

We thought we would start with a free example, well other than the wine of course. In this activity you form teams of 6 of which 5 are blindfolded with the aim of finding, uncorking and successfully pouring a bottle of wine into five glasses, with only one team member can carry out one element. This task is great in general as it works on your ability to work together, improves communication and leadership for the person not blindfolded.

Treasure hunt team building is also a popular choice and with research you will find a number of different treasure hunt scenarios to choose from. Treasure hunt challenges enable people to work together, use their problem solving and leadership abilities.

If you are looking for a team building event that is a lot of fun and very energetic then you can’t go wrong with challenges such as ‘It’s a Knockout’. A full on event with lots of fun but all the games are perfectly designed to help with team building.

Finally one team building event that we absolutely love the idea of is tank driving! At first you may wonder what benefits can be achieved by team tank driving but these events are great to enhance team loyalty, build confidence and personal development. And don’t forget it would be a lot of fun to drive a tank as well.

We have only mentioned a few team building activities here but there is such an array of choice both free and paid for that you can pick from.

Make Team Building Your New Year’s Resolution

Now that you understand more about the benefits of team building will this become one of your business New Year resolutions for 2016?

If another one is to kit out your office with new furniture why not check out our ranges of office chairs, desks and much more, or contact our team today on 0117 3600 123.

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