“An office chair is just a chair, buy the cheapest it’ll do,”Bala operator task chair with rainbow striped fabric padded back, raspberry red padded adjustable seat, black adjustable arms and wheeled back base

Does this sound familiar?  Does it sound like you or your boss?  Stop and consider some facts. Are you sat at your desk for more than 4 hours in the morning and maybe another 4-5 hours in the afternoon, 5 days a week?

You need chairs designed to support you and your skeleton that move with you, allowing you to sit with the correct posture, with maybe a lumbar pump to give your lower spine that bit of added support.  The seat height should of course be adjustable with a tilt that moves when the back moves supporting your back and helping the spine to stretch and relieve stiffness.

The seat might have a waterfall front to stop it pinching under the knees or better still a sliding seat so that it can be adjusted to each individuals needs.

Randalls Office Furniture offers products that are great value for money, not cheap nor necessarily expensive.  We have chairs for 8 to 24 hour working for Control Rooms, from Prisons to Dock and Airport Control Rooms to security surveillance rooms to call centres, Lawyers, Accountants, Designers, to training rooms, boardrooms, conference rooms to canteens and breakout areas.

  • Chairs that will support up to 150kg, or more
  • Chairs in leather or mesh or a bug busting fabric that eats those pesky MRSA bugs

The benefits of the correct chair for the operator, increases productivity and workplace harmony.

Don’t buy just any old chair.  If you would like to experience how the right chair can make you feel good and from your bosses point of view, work harder and be more committed to the team, give Randalls Office Furniture a call today.

If you are the boss and want to explore how we can help your team achieve those targets/goals without spending all the profit on chairs call Tony Randall in confidence. 0117 3600 123


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