Acoustic Office Furniture

Transform Your Office Today With Our Range Of  Soundproof Solutions

The office environment provides the heart and soul of any modern business, and yours is no exception. Finding ways to maximise productivity and team unity will be top of your agenda. If you work in open plan offices, you may find that there is some sound disruption between teams, if this is the case, soundproof acoustic office furniture could be the solution you have been waiting for.

We pride ourselves in supplying and installing world-class acoustic office furniture, including bespoke products, to help your business unlock its full potential. With so many options on offer, give our friendly sales team a call to find out more today on 0117 360 0123.

Benefits of Acoustic Office Furniture

Most businesses embrace the open plan layout in their offices because of the advantages it brings including better team collaboration. However, there is the downside that privacy can be compromised and too much noise pollution from fellow workers whilst you are trying to have a meeting can be disruptive.

Acoustic office furniture is ideal for open plan spaces as it offers privacy when individuals need to conduct meetings or calls. Moreover, these items of furniture offer a solution without taking up too much room or causing a nuisance to other employees.

Soundproof office furniture offers a practical and cost-effective way to create both private and social spaces within a modern office setting, focusing on comfort, privacy, and adaptability. The solutions are ideal for teams working in a range of different industries and can provide immediate results with long-term benefits.

Acoustic Office Furniture Types

Soundproof office furniture covers a range of different products, all of which resolve a noise pollution issue. Here are just a few examples of the types of acoustic furniture that we can provide:

Acoustic Pods

Acoustic pods are ideal secluded spaces that allow users the opportunity to close themselves off from the distractions of the outside world to ensure that their tasks are completed in a private, quiet, and comfortable setting.

The pods can be created for individual workers or manufactured with slightly bigger dimensions for one-on-one meetings and other business matters. They can accommodate computers, phones, and seating too. It’s like having a private office without actually having one.

Acoustic Booths

Acoustic booths offer employees a place to get away from the hectic sounds of the main office to conduct phone calls or other important activities. They are often small and designed for brief usage, which is why they often lack other furnishings.

Bigger acoustic booths are available too, including those built for two people to share. Either way, the sound protection keeps everything private while also preventing potential distractions. Some are even equipped with comfy chairs to create an area for relaxation.

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic wall panels are used to reduce the sound from other areas of the office. They can be used in open plan spaces with great ease, especially as they can be erected and dismantled in a matter of minutes.

Whilst panelling doesn’t offer the same acoustic privacy as permanent walls, it allows businesses to temporarily section off areas of the office for a number of activities including team meetings. They are available in many styles, and you can even have artwork or logos printed onto them.

Acoustic Sofas

Acoustic sofas are somewhat like normal sofas, only the sides offer privacy and protection by taking up a far greater space. Some options even include overhead coverage to create a pod-like sofa for relaxation or conducting personal and business calls.

Most acoustic sofas are designed to be colourful, comfortable, and compact to provide style as well as functionality. They can be used by various employees throughout the day and can be a worthy addition to an unused corner of the office.

Acoustic Made to Measure Screen Systems

Acoustic screens are an ideal addition to open plan spaces as they can be used to section off workspaces that use the same desk and provide a little added privacy without losing the open plan vibe. This enables private work and team collaboration to run smoothly on a 24/7 basis.

Bespoke made to measure screen systems can be designed and manufactured in a variety of materials, dimensions, and colour schemes. This versatility offers the chance to maintain the integrity of the office space, which is perfect for any office manager.

Modern Styles for Modern Businesses

In addition to providing a range of options for acoustic furniture, we pride ourselves on working with the best brands and materials. Moventi soundproof office furniture is particularly sturdy, durable, and reliable. Moreover, a range of design choices such as material and colour allow you to find products that work well with the interior design elements of the business.

If you would like to find out more about our acoustic furniture range, give us a call on 0117 360 0123 to discuss the options today. Remember that we offer a full office space planning service which will include detailed 2D CAD drawings and 3D images of how your space will look.