Acoustic Solutions

Do you need to improve the ambiance of your office or workplace?

Are your meeting rooms too noisy?School hall area with soundproofing acoustic boards and matching wall art

Is it difficult to conduct a meeting in your office breakout/cafe area?

Randalls Office Furniture has the perfect acoustic solution for your work space.

Acoustic solution art panels and boards are designed specifically to reduce noise and improve the ambiance of any given space.  Acoustic solutions panel essentially absorb sound and reduce noise reverberation time.  They are fully customisable in shape, size and design, in order to fit perfectly into your individual work space.

Acoustic solutions are becoming increasingly popular in:-photo of office, desks, workers and acoustic solutions ceiling panels

  • Office spaces
  • Cafe / breakout areas
  • Meeting rooms
  • Board rooms
  • Schools – halls, staffrooms and classrooms

Why Acoustic Solutions are more than an office accessory:-

  • Provides a Class A sound absorption
  • Available in different shapes and sizes
  • Fully customisable designs, with unlimited graphic design – use company logos, famous quotes, corporate imagery
  • Or choose from a vast image library – bring beautiful landscapes and stunning scenery in your office – let your imagination flow…

Are you having an office refit?  Incorporate acoustic solutions into your office design!

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