Office Accessories

Randalls Office Furniture provides all the necessary accessories needed for a fully functional office space to complement the wide range of office furniture solutions we offer. We have a wide range of functional and technical office accessories to help improve your posture, productivity and performance.

Our cable management solutions will help to consolidate loose wires as well as providing power and data connectivity where you need it most.  Our CPU Holders, do exactly this, hold your CPU’s, usually by attaching to the underside of your desk/workstation to declutter and free up space.  Our range of monitor arms provide both support for the user in helping improve posture but also create more desktop space.  Acoustic solutions are becoming increasingly popular in busy open plan offices and work environments, where sound absorption vastly improves the working environment.  Our acoustic solutions also provide an opportunity to bring art into the office, with a wide choice of artwork, shapes and sizes available.

Whatever your need, contact Randalls Office Furniture and we will assess your workspace and provide you with your most efficient office furniture accessory.


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